Information regarding printing and scanning

Buy print quota
Color Print
Wireless Printing
Print on both sides of the paper (duplex)
Problems with printing

Where can I print? 

  • The computer labs on campus have printers which users have access to.

What is the price for printing?

  • The University has a special kind of print quota which counts in units. One regular print on a piece of paper equals one unit. Each unit costs 7 Icelandic krónur (Kr.) which is the price of a typical black/white print paper.
  • If you chose to print on both sides of the paper the price will be two units (14 kr.).
  • Each paper in colour costs 5 units (35 kr.).

Where can I buy the print quota?

  • You can buy the print quota at the service desk on Háksólatorg, at the IT Help Desk in Stakkahlíð and online with most credit cards through Ugla, under Computing services -> print quota.

How can I keep track of my print quota?

How is it possible that the status of printed pages shows more printed pages than I have printed?

  • If you are unfamiliar with the number of printed pages the most likely reason would be that someone else has been printing on your account, e.g. you forgot to log out of the computer in computer labs. If you are sure you didn’t forget to log out and you suspect someone to know about your account information, you should change your password immediately in Ugla -> Settings -> Change password.